I want to relate well with others.

Relationships are an essential part of having joy in life. When we experience pain in our relationships, the success we have had in other areas can seem trivial.

Persons who want to improve how they relate with others often describe difficulties in setting healthy boundaries and creating close connections. Whether in our romantic relationships, friendships, or relationships with our children, we want to be able to connect and relate well. We want to choose to respond rather than to react.

I want to heal from past trauma, grief, or loss.

Life is hard, and for some of us life has brought many challenges. While we cannot change what has happened, we can learn to respond in healthier ways.

Dealing with past trauma, grief, or loss without tools and guidance can be especially difficult. Processing through these life events with a counselor who is knowledgeable, compassionate, and skilled allows us to find hope and healing.

I want to grow personally. 

As human beings, we are created to grow throughout our lives. Growth in maturity, character, and the ability to face obstacles allows us to enjoy life and endure difficulties. As we experience self-discovery and deeper understanding, we can live from the heart of who we really are. 



Trauma, Grief, and Loss
Managing Stress
Relationship Issues
Healthy Boundaries
Healthy Connections
Personal Growth
Faith Questions


First Individual Session
$150, 80 minutes, licensed therapist
$120, 80 minutes, associate therapist

Continuing Sessions
$130, 50 minutes, licensed therapist
$100, 50 minutes, associate therapist